DIY: vibrant Canvas storage Bins

senior editor Sally Armstrong shares step-by-step directions on how to make elegant storage bins. 

These storage bins can be personalized to nearly any type of size or style. begin with a canvas that’s already primed as well as utilize marine glue to fasten the seams rather than stitching them together (it’s much easier). This job does need a bit of patience: enable the glue sufficient time to dry between each step for the very best results.

You’ll requirement primed canvas, paintbrushes, acrylic paint or spray paint, roller, ruler (for smaller bins) or measuring tape (for larger bins), pencil, scissors, marine (or other strong) glue.

Paint big abstract shapes in solid colors onto the canvas, or select a splatter effect, like the one shown above. To produce splatter, dip paintbrush in paint as well as flick bristles at canvas. To produce a pattern, use a pencil as well as ruler for directly edges as well as freehand for whatever else. enable sufficient time for canvas to dry (approx. 1 hour) before assembling.

Lay out canvas with unprimed side dealing with up, as well as utilize ruler (or measuring tape) to determine the size you want your bin to be (see below for dimensions). utilize pencil to mark canvas as well as cut to size.

Small (6″ h. x 6″ diam.): cut canvas to 8″ h. x 20″ l.

Medium (13″ h. x 12″ diam.): cut canvas to 18″ h. x 38″ l.

Large (19″ h. x 16″ diam.): cut canvas to 26″ h. x 50″ l.

Fold canvas in half crosswise with primed side dealing with out. Fold both short ends inward 3⁄4″–1″; make sure folds are even. apply glue along primed side of each fold; pinch folds together to produce a single seam. location a weight (I utilized a stack of books) evenly on top of seam. let dry for 24 hours.

Push down on one open end of canvas tube to produce two flaps. Fold one flap on top of the other, ensuring there is sufficient overlap to produce a safe base. apply glue to overlapping flaps; enable a few minutes for glue to get tacky. press flaps together, then flip bin open side up. location weight inside (try a canister for little bins; books for larger ones) and let dry for 24 hours.

Turn bin base side up as well as fold in directed ends so they don’t stick out. glue each end to base as well as flip bin open side up. Reapply weight while glue dries, one more 24 hours.

Roll lip of small bin out about 3⁄4″ for a fun touch as well as a bit of texture. For big bin, boost size of lip to 2″. fill as well as enjoy!